eProsima DDS Suite

eProsima provides the eProsima DDS Suite Docker image for those who want a Docker image with a set of eProsima’s tools and libraries running on an Ubuntu platform. It can be downloaded from eProsima’s downloads page.

This Docker image contains the complete eProsima DDS Suite, which includes:

  • eProsima Fast DDS library and examples: Fast DDS library bundled with several examples that showcase a variety of capabilities of eProsima’s Fast DDS implementation. For more information about Fast DDS please refer to Fast DDS documentation page.

  • eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS: eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS is a software solution that allows communicating eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments (XRCEs) with an existing DDS network. This implementation complies with the specification of the eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments DDS (DDS-XRCE) protocol as defined and maintained by the Object Management Group (OMG) consortium. For more information about eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS please refer to eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS documentation page.

  • Fast DDS Monitor: eProsima Fast DDS Monitor is a graphical desktop application aimed at monitoring DDS environments deployed using the eProsima Fast DDS library. Thus, the user can monitor in real time the status of publication/subscription communications between DDS entities. They can also choose from a wide variety of communication parameters to be measured (latency, throughput, packet loss, etc.), as well as record and compute in real time statistical measurements on these parameters (mean, variance, standard deviation, etc.). For more information about Fast DDS Monitor please refer to Fast DDS Monitor documentation page.

  • DDS Router: eProsima DDS Router is an end-user software application that enables the connection of distributed DDS networks. That is, DDS entities such as publishers and subscribers deployed in one geographic location and using a dedicated local network will be able to communicate with other DDS entities deployed in different geographic areas on their own dedicated local networks as if they were all on the same network through the use of eProsima DDS Router. This is achieved by deploying a DDS Router on an edge device of each local network so that the DDS Router routes DDS traffic from one network to the other through WAN communication. For more information about DDS Router please refer to DDS Router documentation website.

  • DDS Record & Replay: eProsima DDS Record & Replay is an end-user software application that efficiently saves DDS data published into a DDS environment in a MCAP format database. Thus, the exact playback of the recorded network events is possible as the data is linked to the timestamp at which the original data was published. This tool is easily configurable and installed with a default setup, so that DDS topics, data types and entities are automatically discovered without the need to specify the types of data recorded. For more information about eProsima DDS Record & Replay please refer to DDS Record & Replay documentation website.

  • Fast DDS Spy: eProsima Fast DDS Spy is a CLI interactive tool that allows to introspect a DDS network in human readable format. It is possible to query the network about the DomainParticipants connected, their endpoints (DataWriters and DataReaders) and the topics they communicate in. It is also possible to see the user data sent through network topics in a schematic format in run time. For more information about eProsima Fast DDS Spy please refer to Fast DDS Spy documentation website.

  • Shapes Demo: eProsima Shapes Demo is an application in which Publishers and Subscribers create and display shapes of different colors and sizes moving on a board. Each shape refers to its own topic: Square, Triangle or Circle. A single instance of the eProsima Shapes Demo can publish on and/or subscribe to several topics at a time. For more information about Shapes Demo please refer to Shapes Demo documentation page.

  • PlotJuggler eProsima Edition: eProsima Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin is a plugin for the PlotJuggler application. PlotJuggler is a graphical desktop application providing visualization features of data series, time series, X-Y plots. It also adds data management features, such as data import and export, custom and built-in data manipulation functions, data series merges, etc. Also, this software supports many different layouts, with dynamic, rich and user-friendly customization. PlotJuggler eProsima Edition documentation page.

  • Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager: eProsima Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager is a tool suite to ease the generation of XML configuration files for eProsima Fast DDS. For more information about Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager please refer to Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager documentation page.